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Nananom Buyers Company Limited

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Nananom Buyers Company Limited (NBCL) began its operations in April 2020. NBCL is a farmer inclusive business strategy with the sole objective of buying and delivering sustainable cocoa beans from partnered farmer cooperatives to Ghana Cocoa Board. The cooperative of farmers is called “Consortium of Producers of sustainable cocoa, COPSC” and was established under the Mondelez Cocoalife Program to produce Sustainable Cocoa beans. The NBCL business strategy compliments investments made by Mondelez by purchasing the volumes produced by the cooperatives, ensuring that sustained incomes accrue to contributing farmers through the profit-sharing scheme NBCL has adapted.

Although the profit-sharing scheme primarily serves as a form of performance payment for adherence to the globally accepted standards for sustainable cocoa production such as no deforestation, climate smart farm practices and child and forced labor, the farmer inclusive nature of the NBCL business strategy contributes immensely to livelihood improvement of the farmers because of the surety of total volume purchase it affords. Farmers are confident to go about their farming activities knowing that all their produce will be purchased by the end of the cocoa season.

The farmer focused approach adopted by NBCL has earned the admiration and trust of the farmer cooperatives under COPSC. NBCL is the first licensed buying company to initiate a profit-sharing scheme with cocoa farmers and because of this we have earned the admiration and trust of participating farmers. This direct approach taken has led to livelihood improvement across the Nananom sourcing districts and has contributed to building resilient farming communities.

Our Vision

To be the leading cocoa farmer inclusive organization, driving sustainable production of cocoa while securing a financially sustainable incentive for cocoa farmers to produce cocoa sustainably

Our Mission

Develop and implement farmer focused strategies for increased sustainable cocoa production and sustained farmer incomes

Our Values

Credibility, Transparency and Accountability are our hallmarks to securing the trust of our key stakeholders, especially our sustainable cocoa farmers, the Consortium of Producers of Sustainable Cocoa (COPSC)

Always Available to employees and third parties