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Soap Factory

Nananom Buyers Company Limited’s farmer inclusive business strategy has immensely impacted the partnered farmers under the Consortium of Producers of Sustainable Cocoa through the sustained incomes accrued to the contributing farmers and the profit-sharing scheme adapted. One such impact has been the establishment of a soap factory in Bia West which was constructed by the COPSC using the monies received from the profits shared with the cooperative.

The factory was established in October 2018 and has been producing daily household usable items such as bathing soap and toothbrushes. One fascinating aspect of the soap making process is the fact that they use the broken cocoa pods from the cooperatives farmers as a base, making their soaps organic.

The factory floor is well equipped with the machinery needed from the processing stage to the packaging stage with room made for evacuation of batches made. To the cooperatives, this is their legacy for generations to come and as an organization, we are proud to have contributed to such an achievement. The factory will serve as an additional source of income for the farmers and create employment for the youth in the district.

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